services offered

Our service content is based on the need of your organization.
I will work directly with you to discover specific topic subjects that we will provide your team, and cater them to your unique needs.


When it comes to keynotes, your theme is the name of the game!
Gale can create an original dynamic keynote that will leave any large audience walking away motivated and inspired.


Seminars are a great way to learn foundational information in a short period of time!
Dr. Gorkes seminars are an overview of a specific content subject with key strategies that can be employed immediately. Usually lasting 1 hour, but can last up to 3 if necessary.


Sometimes, you need to take your staff broader and deeper!
Trainings by Dr. Gale Gorke are a great way to gain a better understanding of specific subjects and how they are interrelated with other subjects. You can choose for your team to focus on a single topic in more depth, or 3-5 other subjects how how they are interrelated. Usually lasting a day long, trainings allow for more activities and strategies that will equip your staff with tools they can use tomorrow.


Gain the deepest insight & understanding.
Courses are designed to offer the most in depth learning on specific subjects. Learn the most recent cutting edge discoveries. Extremely immersive our courses are meant to turn knowledge into practice.
Courses coming soon!
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expert support, specific to your organizations needs
Consulting services are a great way to get expert support directly from me to your organization. Includes in depth knowledge of Administrative, Leadership, Teaching, Instruction, Supervision, Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Personal/Professional Growth.