Learning Through Play!

The best way to learn is through play and the way you show up for the game is the way you show up for life.

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Lead with love.
Act with courage.
Live without regret.
-Kendra Jaques

I believe that learning is supposed to be fun, and that you should walk away changed. For over 40 years I worked every day to change the lives of those I taught, and in 1989 I realized that in order to have the greatest reach I would need to begin teaching those responsible for teaching and leading others. I know how learning has changed my life, and I want to share this love and passion with the world.


Dr. Gorke believes that how you show up to the game is how you show up to life, so come ready to play. Fun activities will prime you to be in the best state to learn!


From teaching ABC's to slope intercept, being able to draw from many different disciplines allows Dr. Gorke to relate the information to her audience in a way that just feels natural.


Do you need a speaker for your keynote or special event? Gale Gorke is a dynamic, engaging, and motivational speaker.
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Does your organization need some personal attention? whether an individual or small group, Gale has nearly 40 years of expertise in all educational aspects.
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Does your staff need their capacity built? Do your trainers need new strategies to be more effective? Gale's your gal.
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